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The website provides general information on Laboratoires Expanscience and its products. The website is aimed at the general public, health professionals and journalists. The information provided on the is designed to enhance rather than be a substitute for a direct relationship between website users and health professionals.

Expanscience, a French public limited company (société anonyme) with executive and supervisory boards, and company capital of €12,567,968s, registered address 1, Place des Saisons – 92048 PARIS La Défense Cedex (France), listed in the Nanterre Register of Trade and Companies under number 317 586 808 and identified by intra-community VAT no. FR 52 317 586 808 (referred to below as the Company), is the publisher of the website (referred to below as the Website). This Website is entirely funded by Expanscience.

Mrs Emmanuelle DUMAS, as the company’s Director of Communications, is the Publication Director of this Site. The content of the site is exclusively developed internally by Expanscience employees: these employees may be health professionals paid by Laboratoires Expanscience. The site content is not written by independent health professionals. The site content is approved prior to being put online, when required, by the Management of Pharmaceutical Affairs, directed by Mrs Virginie LOURME, Director of Pharmaceutical Affairs and Responsible Pharmacist.

The Website is in Ireland hosted by:

Amazon Web Services France
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The graphic design of the website was provided by:

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If you encounter any problem whatsoever in using the Website, or have any question concerning the Website itself, please contact us via the following channels:

Laboratoires Expanscience
1 Place des Saisons
92048 PARIS La Défense Cedex - France
Tel.: +33 (0)1 43 34 60 00
Fax: +33 (0)1 43 34 61 03

or through our contact form.


I. Field of application

Access to the Website and use of its content are subject to these general terms and conditions of use. The fact of accessing and navigating the Website implies your unconditional acceptance of these general terms and conditions of use.

II. Territoriality

The information on the Website is intended for use by individuals and/or health professionals resident in France. Other countries with regulatory frameworks that differ from the French framework may also access the Website. Website information may then not be appropriate or compliant with regulations outside France.

This Website, together with the information it contains, is not intended or approved for use in the United States, or by American citizens or residents.

III. Personal data

To view and visit the Website, you are not obliged to provide any personal data.
When you do provide personal data, you undertake to provide accurate information which is not prejudicial to the interests and/or rights of any third party.

Our Company is responsible for processing your personal data and is the sole recipient of this data. Our Company undertakes to protect the confidential nature of your personal data. In accordance with French Data Processing and Civil Liberties law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the Website has been registered with the French data protection board (CNIL declaration no. 1383196) and you have the right to access, modify, rectify or delete information concerning yourself. You can exercise your rights at any time via our contact form.

IV. Cookies

In order to make Website use easier, we install a cookie in your computer. A cookie does not enable us to identify you.

It does however record information about your computer’s navigation of our Website (pages you have viewed, date and time of viewing, etc.) which we can read during your subsequent visits.

You can prevent a cookie being saved on your computer at any time by configuring your web browser (Tools menu bar > Internet options).

V. Nature and scope of the information published on the Website

The Website may put forward the opinions of experts in a particular domain related to Website content or extracts from press articles. Such information is not binding on the expert consulted or the author of the article concerned, and does not necessarily reflect the company’s views.
The Website may also contain information concerning health, fitness, a medical field or medical treatments reserved solely for human use. Under no circumstances does this information constitute a medical opinion: it is published on the Website for information purposes only.
You must not under any circumstances use this information to perform a medical diagnosis of an illness or physical condition or in order to prescribe or use medication. It is your responsibility to consult your doctor or your pharmacist, who are health professionals and are the only people qualified to provide you with an opinion appropriate to your particular situation.

As a result, you recognise the fact that the company’s liability may not be invoked in respect of the information and services made available on the Website and you agree that you use this information and services under your sole and entire responsibility, control and direction.
Finally, the information contained and distributed on the Website may contain direct or indirect references to Company products, programs and services which are not advertised or available in certain countries or certain regions and which may be offered under a different brand name and subject to different regulations and conditions of use, depending on the countries concerned. Such references do not imply the company’s intention to sell these products, programs or services in your country. Please contact us for all information concerning the products, programs and services available in your country.

VI. Forecasts and declarations of intent

Statements concerning the future may be included on the Website, these being made in good faith according to our knowledge and convictions. However, the results actually achieved by our company may differ widely from these statements, since they depend on a set of factors of a competitive and macroeconomic nature which are outside control of our company. Without prejudice to any legal obligations concerning the modification of these prospective statements, our Company has no intention of regularly updating all the prospective statements contained on this Website.

VII. Intellectual property rights

Our Company owns the domain name The Website is an intellectual work protected by the laws of intellectual property. The Website as a whole and each of its component elements (such as text, directory structures, software, animations, images, photos, illustrations, diagrams, logos, sounds, music, downloadable bonuses and giveaways, etc.) are, unless otherwise specified, the exclusive property of our Company, which has sole authorisation to use the related intellectual property rights.
Therefore, under the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code, the legislative and regulatory provisions of all countries and international agreements, the use of all or part of this Website, notably by downloads, reproduction, transmission, representation or distribution, for purposes other than your personal and private use for non-commercial ends, is strictly forbidden. Any violation of these provisions exposes you to the penalties laid down under the French Intellectual Property and Penal Codes, notably in respect of copyright and trademark infringement, and under the French Civil Code in terms of third party liability.
Brands and domain names, as well as the designs and models appearing on the Website, are the exclusive property of our Company unless otherwise stated. Any reproduction, use or modification of these brands, domain names, designs and models in any way or for any reason whatsoever is prohibited.

Our Company is free to modify the Website’s content at any time and without prior notification.

VIII. Photo credits

Stéphane GIZARD, Alain GOULARD, Jean-Pierre LAGIESKI, Barbara VIGNAUX
Agence R.É.A, Getty Images

IX. Warranties and liability

Our Company makes every effort to ensure that the information accessible via the Website is accurate and up to date. However, our Company cannot guarantee in any way that this information is accurate, comprehensive and up to date. Our Company does not provide any express or implied guarantee concerning all or part of the Website. In particular, the information provided on the Website, supplied in whatever capacity, does not in any way constitute a medical opinion. As a result, consulting the pages of this Website in no way exempts you from obtaining advice from or consulting a healthcare professional (doctor, paediatrician, pharmacist, etc.).
Under no circumstances shall our Company be held liable for any harm whatsoever, direct or indirect, whatever its cause, origin, nature and/or consequences, arising from consultation and/or use of the Website. In particular, our company accepts no liability in the case of Website interruption or inaccessibility, the occurrence of bugs, or any damage resulting from fraudulent acts by a third party (such as security breaches) using the Website.

Our Company implements resources designed to ensure the security of the files containing data of a personal nature collected on the Website. Our Company has no control over the risks associated with the way in which the Internet works and draws your attention to the existence of possible risks in terms of the confidentiality of data transmitted via this network.

X. Hypertext links

The pages of this Website may contain hypertext links to other websites operated by third parties. Our hyperlinks to third party websites are simply intended to make navigation easier. Our Company has no control over the current or future content of the third party websites to which the hypertext links on the Website lead. Our Company simply provides links to these third party websites, but does not associate itself in any way with their content.
As a result, our Company accepts no liability (editorial liability in particular) concerning access to and/or the content of third party websites. In particular, our Company accepts no liability concerning any violation whatsoever of copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights that may result from access to a page via a hyperlink. The liability arising from any illegal, improper or incomplete content on a third party website, and in particular for any harm caused by the use or non-use of this information, lies solely with the publisher of the website concerned, and not with our Company.
Hypertext links to the Website, other than to its home page, may only be created with the prior, written and express authorisation of our Company. Such authorisation may be withdrawn at any time, without compensation. Under no circumstances may Website pages be embedded in the pages of another website. In all cases, a message must inform users when they are transferred to another website.

XI. Product and service advertising

This site does not feature advertising for products or services in any form whatsoever.

XII. ANSM Charter

The information contained on the Website is established in compliance with the “charter for Internet communication by pharmaceutical companies” signed by the National Safety Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé/ANSM) and the Pharmaceutical Companies union (Les Entreprises du Médicament/LEEM). Our Company reserves the right to change or discontinue, at any time, the information made available on this Site in order to bring it in line with successive updates to this charter.

XIII. Modification of these terms

These general terms and conditions of use may be modified at any time, without prior notice. These modifications are published by being put online and are considered unconditionally accepted when you access the Website subsequently. We recommend that you consult this page regularly.

XIV. Disputes

These general terms and conditions of use have been drawn up in compliance with French law, in particular the provisions of the French digital economy law 2004-575 dated 21 June 2004, together with law 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 on data processing, files and civil liberties.

The French courts have territorial jurisdiction in respect of all disputes related to the Website.

© Laboratoires Expanscience – All rights reserved – April 2020
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